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SDS Diamond

SDS Diamond

Product Data Diamond

Product Data Diamond

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Description:Diamond is a colorless solution of chemically active magnesium silicofluoricles, plus suitable surfactants in an aqueous solution. When applied to properly prepared flooring, the chemicals react with the free lime and calcium carbonates in concrete. So long as there is free lime available, (usually up to 15 years) this reaction occurs. This reaction forms a dense, granite like, casehardened surface that produces a dustproofed, long wearing surface.

Diamond has no odor, nor is it flammable. It complies fully with OSHA requirements. Application can take place even while people are working in the area.

Meets: CE-204
Uses: Diamond is particularly effective in hardening and dustproofing floor surfaces that are at least three weeks old and are only moderately hard and porous. The insoluble salts and silica deposits left by Diamonds in depth hardening actions, serve to fill up small pores and reinforce weak floor areas. Steel troweled floors treated with Diamond develop a distinctive, polished sheen from traffic. As the sheen develops, porosity is reduced for easier maintenance. Since Diamond leaves no film, that can yellow or lose gloss as it wears, constant maintenance is reduced. Diamond is recommended for use on concrete floors to be carpeted and is compatible with most resilient floor tile adhesives.
Package: 55 gal. drum
5 gal. pail
Yield:100-150 SF/unit
AIA/CSI Reference:3300, 2751, 3360

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