Duracrete II FT

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SDS 190-197

SDS 190-197

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Product data 197

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Description:Duracrete II FT is a fast setting, non-staining, non-metallic and very rapid hardening cement based repair mortar. Compressive strengths of 2500 psi are achieved in only one hour at 75F.
Duracrete II FT is composed of cement, special aggregates, accelerators, and water reducing agents. Since this is not a gypsum-based product, it can be used outdoors, and it will gain strength faster than any magnesium phosphate based grout, while maintaining dimensional stability.    In addition, Duracrete II FT includes our migrating corrosion inhibiting agent for longer lasting repairs.
Uses: Duracrete is designed for highways and bridge deck patches, pavement joint repair and other highway structural repairs. Parking garage repair are also an excellent use as well. The fast setting and high early strength properties reduces prolonged lane shut down and resulting traffic tie-ups.
Package: 50 lb. polyethylene lined bags yields approximately
Yield:.45 CF/unit-.72 CF/unit
AIA/CSI Reference:ASTM C-928

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