Duracrete II VOFT

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SDS 190-197

SDS 190-197

Product Data Duracrete II VOFT

Product Data Duracrete II VOFT

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Description:Duracrete II VOFT is a single-component, rapid setting, vertical/overhead, cement based repair mortar for concrete.    It consists of portland cement, lightweight aggregates, air entraining admixture, corrosion inhibitors and proprietary modifiers. When mixed with water, Duracrete II VOFT forms an extremely workable quick setting mortar that possesses high strengths with excellent adhesion and low permeability against carbon dioxide and chloride intrusion.    The coefficient of thermal expansion is similar to concrete.    The unique feature of Duracrete II VOFT is the tremendous resistance to freeze-thaw cycling and deicing chemicals such as calcium chloride and rock salt, which translates to a more permanent repair of concrete.    Additionally, while Duracrete II VOFT is rapid setting, it also is user-friendly due to a working time of about 25 minutes, making it easy to mix and apply the entire unit before it takes an initial set.
Uses: Duracrete II VOFT is recommended for vertical and overhead concrete repairs of both interior and exterior surfaces. Use for patching scaled and spalled concrete as well as resurfacing damaged and honeycombed surfaces. It is ideal for use on parking structures, bridges, retaining walls, ceilings, sloped surfaces, or anywhere concrete surfaces need repair, and especially areas that will be exposed to deicing chemicals.. Use from 1/4" up to 2" thick overhead and 3" thick on vertical surfaces.
Package: 50 lb. bag of powder
Yield:.45 CF/unit
AIA/CSI Reference:ASTM C 928, Rapid Hardening (R2)

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