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SDS 723

SDS 723

Product Data Excell NC 80

Product Data Excell NC 80

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Leed Cert 723

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Description:Excell NC 80 is a special accelerating, water-reducing admixture for concrete and mortar that does not contain calcium chloride or added chloride ions.    This product improves the properties of both plastic and hardened concrete by    offering significant improvements in both early stiffening and setting characteristics, improved workability and reduced bleeding and segregation.    Excell NC 80 works equally with white, gray or colored masonry cements without causing discoloration, as well as with other admixtures.
Uses: Excell NC 80 is designed for use in concrete and mortar in cold weather conditions. It will substantially speed the set and strength gain over unmodified mixes. It can be safely used in all plain concrete block, mortar, pipe and other precast and post-tensioned concrete.

Mortars and concrete containing this admixture can be placed in contact with steel, since this non-corrosive accelerator is completely free of materials that cause corrosion.

Package: 1 gallon pail            ( packaged 4 per/case)
5 gallon pail
55 gallon drum
AIA/CSI Reference:ASTM C-494 , C-270

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