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SDS KleenLease 28

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Product Data KleenLease 28

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Description:KleenLease 28 is a ready-to-use, chemically active concrete, drying-type form release agent.    It is composed of specially blended fatty acids dissolved in an extremely light mineral oil carrier.    The fatty acids promote ease of stripping and help to keep the forms clean without killing the concrete surface.    It never leaves a whitish powder on the surface of the concrete.    The very light carrier provides a non-transferring, frictionless surface to eliminate air voids on the concrete surface.    This is especially important to facilitate light applications, so necessary for optimum performance.    KleenLease 28 meets all VOC content laws of the Environmental Protection Agency.

It is commonly understood that the over-application of form release agents will result in more surface imperfections.    As a result, KleenLease 28 is formulated specifically to combat this problem because approximately half of the product will evaporate off prior to concrete placement.    This means that although laborers routinely over-apply the product, that the right application rate will be achieved regardless.    In addition, KleenLease 28 will not become noticeably more viscous during exposure to colder weather, making it ideal for use during the winter months.
Uses: Provides a clean release every time from either gray or white concrete. It is designed to be used with metal, aluminum, or wood forms. KleenLease 28 produces a dry form surface to avoid coating cables and for additional safety to the workers. KleenLease 28 is ideal for architectural grade concrete, and especially in precast and pre-stressed plants.

Excels with architectural concrete wall forms, site cast columns, bridge decks, shear keys, pre-stressed beams, and high pressure pipe.
Package: 5.00 Gallon Pail
55.00 Gallon Drum
275.00 Gallon Tote
Yield:900-3000 SF/unit
AIA/CSI Reference:3100,3110,3120,3300

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