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Product Data Patch & Rub PM

Product Data Patch & Rub PM

Leed Cert Patch & Rub PM

Leed Cert Patch & Rub PM

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Description:Patch & Rub PM is a quick setting, cementitious patching and finishing compound that is used to fill and smooth interior and exterior vertical concrete surfaces prior to sealing or painting.    Trowel applied, Patch & Rub PM is composed of portland cement, silica aggregates, workability & water reducing agents, and a specialty dry latex polymer, making this a single-component latex modified repair mortar.    The addition of the dry latex polymer in Patch & Rub PM assists with increased bonding adhesion. When mixed with potable water, Patch & Rub PM will become creamy and smooth, making it easier to use when filling in surface defects, chips, honeycombs, bug holes, etc.    Patch & Rub dries quickly without cracking and shrinking, and can later be rubbed, sealed or painted as desired.    Patch & Rub products contain no gypsum cement, making it ideal for both interior and exterior projects.    
Uses: Patch & Rub PM is an excellent choice to finish concrete walls after stripping the forms, as well as to repair any minor surface imperfections. Patch & Rub PM is ideal for use in repairing precast or pre-stressed concrete, tilt-up walls, poured in place concrete walls, and other concrete or masonry surfaces. Whether it is a large area or small, the smooth and creamy nature of Patch & Rub PM, combined with the light grey color, will make the job go easier and the concrete more attractive.
Package: 15 lb. pail
50 lb. bag
Yield:.45 CF/unit
AIA/CSI Reference:ASTM C-131

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