SurePoxy HM EPL

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Product Data SurePoxy HM EPL

Product Data SurePoxy HM EPL

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Leed Cert 121

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Description:SurePoxy HM EPL is a unique, three-component, extended pot life, moisture insensitive mixture combining the benefits of a 100% solids epoxy resin system and specially graded aggregates and cement. This perfect blend produces a structural adhesive/coating that has an extended tack free time of fifteen hours. The longer open time, allows the end-user significantly more time to construct forms around the area, prior to placement of concrete or repair mortars. SurePoxy HM EPL may be used neat as a bonding agent, or mixed with component C to produce a thick protective coating and bonding agent on rebar that prevents corrosion.    Unlike water-dispersed epoxy coating systems that do not form a vapor barrier, and thus allow for the potential of corrosion, SurePoxy HM EPL is 100% solids and does form a vapor barrier.    As a result, SurePoxy HMEPL offers the ultimate in corrosion protection, while also offering a longer open time to make it easier for the contractor to use the product correctly.

Meets ASTM Specifications:
ASTM C 881, Types I, II, IV & V, Grade 2, Class C

AASHTO M 235, Types I, II, IV & V, Grade 2, Class C
Uses: SurePoxy HM EPL is especially recommended for bonding fresh concrete overlays, toppings, patches and shotcrete to existing substrates. The long open time allows SurePoxy HM EPL to be applied up to fifteen hours before topping an existing substrate. This gives workmen plenty of time after applying SurePoxy HM EPL, to place the reinforcement or forms before pouring the concrete. It is excellent for one sided forming. In these instances, the third component is not suggested.

SurePoxy HM EPL is also excellent as an anti corrosion coating to protect reinforcing steel because it forms a vapor barrier, unlike water-dispersed epoxy protective coatings.
Package: 2 gal. unit

Yield:240 SF/unit
AIA/CSI Reference:3550, 3700, 3720, 3930

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