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SDS 153-154

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Product Data Tycrom EM



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Description:Tycron EM is a special version of our high quality shake on hardener product line. It contains specially processed polyhedral emery aggregates, special cementitious binders, plus long proven water reducing agents and plasticizers and other proprietary ingredients. Tycron EM is designed for heavy applications to industrial floors, in need of superior abrasion resistance and impact protection, as well as a uniform color.
Uses: Tycron EM is designed to provide long-term durability and low maintenance to industrial floors. Such floors are typically subjected to heavy traffic, impact and high abrasion.

Floors treated with Tycron EM stand up to years of punishment without dusting or disintegrating. Tycron EM is an excellent choice if precision machinery is nearby, since floors will not dust and contaminate special machinery.

Light Reflective Tycron EM is ideal for industrial floors requiring added abrasion and impact resistance in facilities needing improved lighting with fewer fixtures and/or less electrical energy requirements.
Package: 50 lb. reinforced bag

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