hardener, dustproofer, sealer
hardener, dustproofer, sealer

Tycron Met

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SDS Tycron Met Series

SDS 130-168

Product Data Tycron Met

Product Data Tycron Met

Leed Cert 130

Leed Cert 130

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Description:Tycron Met is a ready to use graded iron aggregate compound for dry shake application to fresh concrete surfaces.    it contains specially processed metallic aggregates, cementitious binders, plus long proven water reducing agents, plasticizers and other proprietary ingredients.    The iron particles are selected for size, shape, and malleability.    Tycron Met is designed for application to industrial floors in need of abrasion resistance and impact protection.
Uses: Tycron Met is designed to provide long term durability and low maintenance to industrial floors. Such floors are subjected to heavy traffic, impact and high abrasion. Floors treated with Tycron Met stand up to years of punishment without dusting or disintegrating. Tycron Met is an excellent choice if precision machinery is nearby, since floors won't dust and contaminate special machinery.
Package: 60# bag
AIA/CSI Reference:2751, 3300, 3310

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