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Since 1960, Kaufman Products has been a leading manufacturer of concrete treatments, including concrete sealers, curing compounds, curing & sealing compounds, structural epoxy-resin mortars and grouts, Portland cement non-shrink grouts, form release agents, cementitious repair mortars, underlayments, self-leveling wear-toppings, hardeners, dustproofers, and epoxy injection, adhesives, coatings, resin overlays, and sealers. Always manufactured in-house, in our state of the art, computer controlled plant, we produce our materials to exacting standards in order to meet the many ASTM, AASHTO and State Departments of Transportation standards. Tested independently, batch by batch, by over thirty-five states, our product line has become synonymous with consistent quality.

Due to new Environmental Protection Agency standards, the commercial concrete construction industry has been forced to use water-emulsion curing compounds in the last year. While the many commercial manufacturers struggled to learn how to produce these "greener" products, Kaufman Products had already led the way many, many years ago. Since 1977 we have manufactured and marketed true water-emulsion curing compounds for the highway, commercial and residential concrete construction markets. We did not just begin experimenting with this science, but rather we invented it!

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Thinfilm Application

Beginning with our Thinfilm line, we quickly replaced the old-fashioned oil-based cures on highway jobsites around the country, and became the standard bearer worldwide for the newer "green" curing materials. In addition, our claim to fame, then as now, is that all of our acrylic resin, water-emulsion compounds are freeze-thaw stable. We continue to offer top quality acrylic resin curing compounds for the commercial and residential concrete marketplaces as well. Cure & Seal 309 Emulsion, SureCure Emulsion, SureCure 25 Emulsion, SureCure 30 Emulsion, Krystal 15 Emulsion, Krystal 25 Emulsion, and DR Cure are not only freeze-thaw stable, but they will never impair the use of a carpet/tile mastic. By the way, all of these materials are completely sprayable, unlike many of our competitor's higher solids products. Put our years of experience and knowledge to use on your next jobsite. We know that you will not be disappointed.

Over the years, we continue to be a leader in the formulation of structural epoxy resin systems for concrete construction and rehabilitation, primarily due to the fact that we manufacture our own hardening system. All of these systems are available in easy mix ratios of 1:1 or 2:1, and come pre-packaged to prevent mixing errors with the two components. At this time, we offer more than 40 different resin systems, including high/low/very low moduli systems, all of which are available in varying viscosities and temperature ranges. Whether your need is for underwater use or a dry environment, overhead versus horizontal, or crack injection versus mortar binder, we probably have a system that was designed with your needs in mind.

To further complement our repair and rehabilitation system, our cementitious and latex modified repair mortars help us to offer the complete package for concrete repair. These materials have been chemically engineered to help provide options to the end-user in repairing concrete. For example, it is not always possible to re-coat rebar for corrosion protection, that is why our Patchwell Series of horizontal/vertical/overhead trowel down mortars, include a proprietary additive that helps to prevent corrosion from re-occurring in that area of the concrete. In addition, we realize that the option of trowel down versus self-level is an important consideration to contractors. Therefore, we offer SureFlow 042, a 100% non-gypsum, Portland cement self-leveling repair mortar for outdoor concrete repair applications. Remember, when options are important, we are there to help make the job easier.

As you can see, we offer more than a complete line of concrete treatments for the concrete construction industry. The options that we bring to the jobsite help to produce a more lasting project, and we believe make us a partner in the project with all involved. We strive to offer the whole package of quality manufactured materials, technical assistance, competitive pricing, and the long-term relationship that was once expected, and is now all but forgotten.

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