Virginia Concrete Conference - The Westin Redwood - Richmond, VA

    Kaufman Products will be attending the 2014 Annual Virginia Concrete Conference in Richmond, VA from March 6th-7th, 2014.  This tradeshow is specifically designed to showcase materials and technologies for the highway industry.  Kaufman Products will be showcasing their complete line of VDOT approved materials including SureShot, SureGrout, the SurePoxy line of epoxy resins, the Thinfilm line of curing compounds, Duracrete II, and HiCap.  We are looking forward to seeing all of our customers and salespeople as well as meeting new prospective business partners.


    SurePoxy HM 24


    SurePoxy HM 24 is a three-component, moisture insensitive, organic, solvent-free, waterborne epoxy bonding agent and steel reinforcement protection system. This unique blend of water based epoxy and selected cementitious components produces a structural adhesive and coating that is unique because it provides an extended pot life and open time making application easier, without producing a vapor barrier. In addition, SurePoxy HM 24 is to provide better visibility during application. SurePoxy HM 24 will gain strength at approximately the same rate as structural concrete.


    SurePoxy HM 24 is especially recommended for bonding fresh concrete or mortar overlays, toppings, patches and shotcrete to existing substrates. The long open time of SurePoxy HM 24 allows the contractor up to 24 hours at 70°F in which to place fresh concrete over the coated surface. This provides the contractor with plenty of time, to place reinforcement or forms, before the new concrete is placed.

    SurePoxy HM 24 is also an excellent anti-corrosion coating, especially for areas with thin concrete cover to protect reinforcing steel when applied to properly prepared rebar.

    Further, HM 24 is an excellent cement modifier for cement based patching and repair mortars to reduce permeability and to increase strengths.


    • Excellent adhesion to concrete and steel
    • Allows for application of topping up to 24 hours after application
    • Integral corrosion inhibitor
    • Effective barrier against penetration of water
      and chlorides
    • Extended contact time
    • Alkalinity similar to concrete
    • Not a vapor barrier
    • Reduced corrosion rate by over 40%
    • VOC compliant
    • White color for added visibility
    • May be applied between 40-95°F
    • Cleans up with water

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