Founded in 1963; on a shoe-string budget, we entered the construction products marketplace as a marketing firm selling privately labeled products under the newly established brand name, KAUFMAN PRODUCTS, Inc.

However, within just a few short years, Irvin and Carol Kaufman achieved part of their American dream; their first factory to manufacture products under their own label. This initial investment allowed them to lower their costs, but more importantly it gave them control over the quality of the materials bearing their name. From the beginning, KPI has maintained a belief in and commitment to producing top-tier products and services. To that end, we offer competitive prices, superior service, and high quality products, all just a simple outgrowth of our stated goal of producing materials we can be proud of and that serve our customers well.

Today, more than half a century later, KAUFMAN PRODUCTS, Inc., has evolved to offer more than two hundred products for use on both new concrete construction projects as well as restoration and repair work of existing concrete structures. Among the various powders and chemicals manufactured in our factory, we offer epoxy adhesives, cementitious and polymer modified repair mortars, curing compounds, form release agents, coatings, non-shrink grouts, retarders and accelerating agents, curing and sealing compounds, shake-on hardeners, penetrating hardeners, and anchoring materials. The breadth of our product line continues to grow, giving our business partners the ability to carry a full line of products that meet a wide range of needs.

On the architectural end, the KAUFMAN PRODUCTS, Inc., brand name is now nationally specified and respected. Through strategic business partnerships with the Construction Specification Institute and their BSD Spec Link program, along with the American Institute of Architects with their MasterSpec program, our brand name is routinely approved in Compliances throughout the United States. In addition, KAUFMAN PRODUCTS has been approved for use on highway and infrastructure projects throughout the United States, with over five hundred individual state (DOT) approvals.

KAUFMAN PRODUCTS remains dedicated to preserving and protecting our environment. While we were perhaps the first company to use safer and greener materials, exemplified by our early adoption of emulsion technology and water-based curing compounds over forty years ago, we continue to pursue our vision of using recycled or waste-stream materials in our selection of both packaging materials and raw materials. To this end, we use recycled plastic pails, re-conditioned drums and totes, and restored wood pallets to reduce our impact on the environment. Moreover, our product formulations incorporate many waste-stream materials to further reduce our environmental impact. Accordingly, we’re able to provide LEED credits related to these decisions.  For example, many of our epoxy resin systems utilize greater than 20% recycled and waste-stream ingredients, which aligns us with elite businesses upholding the highest level of green construction practices.

All of our products are manufactured in our own plant, thereby ensuring a quality product line, competitive pricing, and control over production timing. Rather than rely on a private labeler, we take the extra step to manufacture products we know to be accurately finished and in full compliance with the test data.

KAUFMAN PRODUCTS, Inc. takes enormous pride in our status as one of the few American Family-owned manufacturers in the marketplace. Throughout these many years in business, our family continues to produce materials and services for our business partners in exactly the same way we did in 1963---with pride in our brand and respect for our business partners.


Alex S. Kaufman