Shelf Life Guideline

Printable Shelf Life Guidelines

Batch Numbers:

The batch number on each unit of powder provides the code number for the product, the batch number, the date of manufacture, and the bag number within the batch. The batch number on each liquid provides the product code number, batch number, date of manufacture, and in the case of certain states the approval number from the state.

The shelf life is predicated on the product being stored properly, which means being kept in a dry environment and preventing freezing temperatures from affecting the products.

Product Name or Category Shelf Life
SurePoxy Series 2 Years
K Pro Series 2 Years
Patchwell Series 1 Year
DressUp 1 Year
HiCap/HiCap FT Series 1 Year
PipeWipe Series 1 Year
SureShot Series 1 Year
SureFlow Series 6 Months
Duracrete Series 1 Year
SurePlug Series 1 Year
SureGrout Series 1 Year
SureBond Series 1 Year
SureWeld Series 1 Year
Krystal Emulsion Series 2 Years
Krystal Series 2 Years
Krystal OTC Series 2 Years
Thinfilm 420, 420 w/ Red Dye, 450, 453 & DR Cure 2 Years
Thinfilm 422, 422 w/ Red Dye, 424, 445, 445BR, 446, 446COE, & 447 1 Year
Diamond, Silicure, SureHard & SureHard 2 Years
Tycron Series 1 Year
SureSeal OTC Series/ColorCoat OTC Series 1 Year
FormKote OTC/FormKote Concentrate 3 Years
FormKote Emulsion 2 Years
SureForm 20/KleenLease 28 3 Years
K Pro CD 2 Years
SureSlip 2 Years
Expose 2 Years
VaporAid 2 Years
Excell 2 Years
Excell NC 80 2 Years