Duracrete II AG

Duracrete II AG


Duracrete II AG is a fast setting, non-staining, non-metallic and very rapid hardening cement based repair mortar with aggregate included. Compressive strengths of 2000 psi are achieved in only 30 minutes, 4,000 psi. in one hour at 72 oF.

Duracrete II AG is composed of cement, special aggregates, accelerators, and water reducing agents. Since this is not a gypsum-based product, it can be used outdoors, and it will gain strength faster than any magnesium phosphate based grout, while maintaining dimensional stability. In addition, Duracrete II AG includes our migrating corrosion inhibiting agent for longer lasting repairs.

Features & Benefits

Shrinkage compensated. Single component-just add water. Rapid hardening- open to traffic in just 1/2 hour. Duracrete II AG is water resistant after it’s initial set. Excellent resistance to de-icing salts and sulfates. Hard wearing surface can be broom finished to achieve slip resistance on sloped areas. Aggregate extended for full depth repairs.


Bridge Decks
Pavement Joint Repairs
Parking Garage Repairs


ASTM C-928, Very Rapid Hardening (R1)


50 lb. Polyethylene Lined Bags


Marketing Materials Download includes: Product Sheets and High-Res Product Photography.