Duracrete II VOFT

Duracrete II VOFT


Duracrete II VOFT is a polymer modified, silica fume enhanced, single component, non-sagging concrete repair mortar for use on vertical and overhead surfaces from 1/8” up to 3” in a single lift. The FT Series of products from Kaufman represents the most sophisticated chemistry available to prevent damage to the repair mortar brought on by freeze-thaw cycling and exposure to deicing salts. Formulated specifically for long-lasting repairs, the unique chemistry in Duracrete II VOFT blocks water and contaminants from entering the pores. Easy to mix and apply, Duracrete II VOFT is the professional choice for applications where downtime must be kept to a minimum, such as bridge repairs, parking garage repairs, and industrial maintenance. Duracrete II VOFT not only meets ASTM C-928, but due to testing through AASHTO’s NTPEP program it is now DOT approved throughout the United States for the most demanding infrastructure applications.


Easy mixing – Just Add Water
Abrasion Resistant
Freeze-Thaw Resistance
Meets ASTM C-928
High Compressive Strength
LEED Credits
Contains an Integral Corrosion Inhibiting Agent
Low In-Place Cost
1/8” Up To 3” in a Single Lift
Silica Fume Enhanced
Resistant to Deicing Chemicals
Produces a Smooth, Durable, and Attractive Finish
Creamy Mix Makes Placement Easy
Use with SureWeld, SureBond, or SurePoxy for Proper Adhesion


Vertical and Overhead Repairs
NTPEP Tested
Parking Garages
DOT Approved
Retaining Walls
Bridge Repairs
Sloped Surfaces
Honeycombed Concrete Repairs
Warehouse Walls
Balcony Repairs
Building Facades
Industrial Plants
Precast & Pre-Stressed Concrete Repairs
Interior & Exterior


ASTM C-928 (R2)


50 lb. bags (.45 ft3)
50 lb. pails (.45 ft3)


Submittal Package Download includes: Product Sheets and High-Res Product Photography.