Krystal 30 Emulsion

Krystal 30 Emulsion


Krystal 30 Emulsion is our water-based, acrylic modified curing & sealing compound which is resistant to yellowing from UV radiation, making it ideally suited for curing freshly placed interior or exterior architectural concrete where yellowing is unacceptable. Krystal 30 Emulsion will provide a glossy finish, and may be used with our non-slip additive, SureGrip, for skid resistance. Krystal 35 Emulsion is cold-weather optimized to dry correctly even in temperatures as low as 40° Fahrenheit and to be freeze-thaw stable.

Features & Benefits

Wet-Look/Glossy Appearance; Specular Gloss of 89% ( ASTM D-523)
Enhances Proper Curing of Concrete to Prevent Shrinkage Cracks, Dusting, & Low Strengths
High Solids & Durable Film Development Makes Clean Up Easier
Optimized for Colder Weather Conditions
May Contribute to LEED Points
No Filtering Needed
Compatible with Most Carpet & Tile Mastics-No Removal Necessary


Decorative Concrete
Interior & Exterior Residential Concrete
Re-Sealing Existing Exterior Concrete
Commercial Buildings


ASTM C-309, Type I, Classes A & B
AASHTO M-148, Type I, Classes A & B
ASTM C-1315, Type I, Class A
USDA Compliant Post Cure
VOC Content Regulations from LADCO, OTC, & the EPA


1-Gallon Jugs
5-Gallon Pails
55-Gallon Drums
275-Gallon Totes


Marketing Materials Download includes: Product Sheets and High-Res Product Photography.