Krystal Shield OTC

Krystal Shield OTC

Double Action Cure & Seal With Silane

Krystal Shield OTC is a non-yellowing, solvent borne, hybrid curing & sealing compound and penetrating sealer. When applied to freshly placed concrete, Krystal Shield OTC will form a glossy or “wet-look” membrane meant to retain water in the concrete for proper hydration. On aged concrete, the silane component of Krystal Shield OTC will penetrate the concrete to provide protection from contaminants and the effects of freeze-thaw exposure while also providing the “wet-look.” This combination will provide tremendous protection for years of service life.


Hybrid Technology
Indoor and Outdoor Use
Bubble-release technology for a beautiful finish
Slow evaporation rate for easy application
One step application
Cures freshly placed concrete
Wet Look
Penetrating sealer
Protects from the effects of deicing salts
Chemical Resistant
High solids content


Concrete driveways
Concrete slabs
Parking decks
Distribution warehouses
Parking lots
Concrete patios
Freshly placed concrete
Aged concrete


ASTM C-309, Type I Class B
ASTM C-1315, Type I, Class A for curing
EPA VOC Regulations
LADCO VOC Regulations
OTC VOC Regulations


1-Gallon Cans
5 Gallon Pails
55-Gallon Drums


Submittal Package Download includes: Product Sheets and High-Res Product Photography.