Patch and Rub PM

Patch & Rub PM


Patch & Rub PM is a quick setting, light gray, polymer-modified patching and finishing compound that is used to fill and smooth interior and exterior vertical concrete surfaces prior to sealing or painting. Trowel or brush applied, Patch & Rub PM is composed of portland Type I/II cement, fine silica aggregates, dry latex polymer, and workability & water reducing agents. When mixed with potable water, Patch & Rub PM becomes a creamy and smooth mortar that is easy to use when filling in surface defects, chips, honeycombs, bug holes, etc. Patch & Rub PM is ideal for use on poured concrete walls and in tilt-up construction applications.

Features & Benefits

May Be Troweled or Brushed
Vertical, Overhead, and Horizontal Concrete Repairs
Precision Blended
Easy to Mix & Use
May Contribute to LEED Points
Featheredge to ¼” Depth
Multiple Lifts Possible


Precast Concrete
Pre-Stressed Concrete
Vertical & Overhead Repairs
Parking Garages
Steps and Risers
Poured Concrete Walls
Minor Surface Imperfections


15-lb. pails (.135 ft3)
50-lb. Bags (.45 ft3)
50-lb. Pails (.45 ft3)


Marketing Materials Download includes: Product Sheets and High-Res Product Photography.