SurePoxy 110

SurePoxy 110

100% Solids, Medium-Viscosity, High Modulus Epoxy Bonding Agent

SurePoxy 110 is a gray, 100% solids, moisture-insensitive, medium viscosity epoxy bonding agent that meets all aspects of ASTM C-881, Types I and II, Grade 2, and Class C. SurePoxy 110 is equally suited as a bonding agent to adhere new concrete or repair mortars to old concrete.


Contains Zero VOCs
Packaged to prevent mixing errors
Gray in Color
Solvent Free
Easy Mixing
State Approved
LEED Credits
Moisture Insensitive
100% Solids
Chemically Resistant
Easy Application


Bonding New Concrete to Old Concrete
Bonding Repair Mortars to Old Concrete
Gravity Feeding of Wide Cracks


ASTM C-881, Types I and II, Grade 2, Class C
AASHTO M-235, Types I and II, Grade 2, Class C


1-Gallon Units
2-Gallon Units
10-Gallon Units


Submittal Package Download includes: Product Sheets and High-Res Product Photography.