SurePoxy VLMLV

SurePoxy VLMLV

100% Solids, Low-Viscosity, Very Low Modulus Epoxy Resin System

SurePoxy VLMLV is a two-component, moisture insensitive high strength epoxy adhesive and binder designed specifically for multiple uses. SurePoxy VLMLV is ideally suited as a binder with either SurePoxy Mortar Aggregate or K Pro HP Grout Aggregate to produce an epoxy mortar or grout. Additionally, SurePoxy VLMLV may be used to repair cracks in concrete through either gravity feeding or injection.


Easy to Use 2:1 Mix Ratio
100% Solids
Moisture Insensitive
DOT Approved
Will Contribute to LEED Points


As a Binder to Produce Epoxy Grout or Epoxy Mortars
Gravity Feeding of Cracks
Pressure Injection of Cracks
General Purpose Adhesive


ASTM C-881, Type III, Grade 1, Class C
AASHTO M-235, Type III, Grade 1, Class C
Multiple DOT Approvals


16.5 ounce cartridges
.75 gallon units
3-gallon units
15-gallon units


Submittal Package Download includes: Product Sheets and High-Res Product Photography.