ThinFilm Series

ThinFilm Series

The Original Water Based Concrete Curing Compounds for Exterior applications

Thinfilm represents a line of high quality, concrete curing compounds specially designed for both highways and commercial construction. These curing compounds form a thin membrane when sprayed or brushed on freshly finished concrete surfaces. This membrane keeps 95% or more of the gauging water in concrete for three days, and affords maximum curing with a minimum expenditure for labor and materials. Thinfilm compounds are specially formulated to meet specific state highway Compliances. KAUFMAN PRODUCTS now further develops these products by emulsifying them into a Low VOC formula for a safer atmosphere.

The inherent dangers of the old method of using flammable paint thinners is no longer necessary, Emulsified clear Thinfilm’s come with their own unique white temporary dye, to assure even coverage without missed spots. Within a short time after application, the white color disappears and leaves the film completely clear. If desired, a red fugitive dye can also be added. White pigmented Thinfilm’s contain pure titanium dioxide pigment to reflect the heat of the sun. Due to the unique emulsification process, KAUFMAN PRODUCTS white-pigmented cures do not settle and hard pack. Instead they softly layer for easy re-mixing with air hoses.


Submittal Package Download includes: Product Sheets and High-Res Product Photography.