Wall Patch

Wall Patch & Wall Patch Smooth


Wall Patch and Wall Patch Smooth are two quick setting cementitious patching and finishing compounds ideally suited to fill small cosmetic imperfections in vertical concrete surfaces. Whether it is a large area or small, the smooth and creamy nature of Wall Patch or Wall Patch Smooth, combined with the light grey color, will make the job go easier and the concrete more attractive. Both products are manufactured with special cements that develop lower strengths to make it easier to apply and then rub off, leaving the repair mortar just in the surface imperfections. Wall Patch Smooth is produced without the addition of aggregate making it ideal for tilt wall panels, while regular Wall Patch is best suited for poured concrete walls. Quick drying, Wall Patch products dry quickly without cracking and shrinking, and can later be rubbed, sealed, or painted as desired.


Easy mixing – Just add water
Two formulations: Regular and Smooth
No Gypsum
Creamy Feel
May be Rubbed
Light Grey Color
LEED Credits
Low In-Place Cost
Produces a Smooth, Durable, and Attractive finish
Single Component
Wall Patch Smooth is Aggregate Free


Poured Concrete Walls
Vertical Surfaces
Tilt Walls
Precast Panels
Interior & Exterior
Surface Imperfections
Repair Honeycombs, Chips, & Bugholes


15 lb. pail (.14 ft3)
50 lb. pail (.45 ft3)
50 lb. bag (.45 ft3)


Submittal Package Download includes: Product Sheets and High-Res Product Photography.